About The Paradigm Group

The Paradigm Group is a design-build and construction management firm located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide simple, supportive solutions to complex construction issues.

Our Featured Services


Construction Management

The Paradigm Group has a long history of pushing projects successfully across the finish line.  From coordinating documents, recruiting vetted subcontractors, and monitoring cost and time controls, we always work with the client’s priorities in mind.


The Design-Build construction delivery method is gaining acceptance as the premier way to keep a project in a specific time frame and budget. Our team has experience with simple tenant improvement projects all the way to multi-million dollar facilities.


Facilities Maintenance

For years, the Paradigm Group has been called upon by manufacturing organizations in the Tulsa area to be their facilities maintenance team. Our experience allows us to handle their small- to medium-sized project needs quickly, accurately, and under budget.

Why choose us?

We’re Responsive!

Time is money. We will impress you with our promptness in getting you the answers you need to make informed decisions.

Our Passion for Our Customers’ Passion

Many of our customers are passionate about their workplace and the spaces they live in. That’s why it is our duty to share that passion to provide space solutions that fit the client best.

We Have the Experience

We’ve put the work in over the years. That’s opened the doors to experiencing challenges and hurdles that could surface on any project. We use our experience to head those off at the past, but if a challenge arises, we’ll know the answer or how to get to a reasonable solution.